Web Marketing

Marketing is an essential part of any business. We can develop custom marketing plans focused on branding, increasing web traffic, or increasing conversions. We specialize in all forms of internet marketing including CPC’s, SEO, Viral, and Referral marketing. Lightning Marketing Group provides some of the best Miami Internet marketing services that will get your business noticed. We are one of the top Miami SEO companies that provide essential and cost-effective web marketing services that your company needs to thrive.

SEO Marketing (Search Engine Optimization)

It is no secret search engines like google, yahoo, and bing account for over 90% of today’s search engine market. Depending on your industry, keywords, and geographical location, SEO marketing can be one of the most effective marketing tools your have. Let us do a cost-effective analysis of your industry to find out whether SEO marketing is right for you.

Viral Campaigns

Viral Logos
Community and network sites like facebook, twitter, google plus, and youtube allow you to market at minimal costs. Lightning’s viral team is creative and administers viral campaigns that will engage audiences to keep your customers and potential customers in close, constant contact with you. We have numerous highly followed blogs, twitter, and facebook accounts in many different industries that allows us to spread your message without having to build your own network up slowly. Its easier to get already trending accounts working for you then it is to try and create something trendy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing
E-mail campaigns can help you target general markets at a low cost. Lightning offers email marketing with successful results. We ensure your emails never end up in the “junk” mail. We deliver specific marketing reports on your email campaigns which allow us to manipulate subject lines and body content to maximize your results.

CPC Marketing

CPC marketing
Do you have a new product or idea you are introducing into the market? Cost per Click marketing allows us to advertise the launching of your new product or idea while keeping STRICT control over cost. Your future customers can’t find you on google if they have never heard of your product.

Online Sales Team

We have incorporated live sales teams with online driven leads. Our sales teams have worked in many diverse industires selling vast amounts of products. Whether you are in need of large prospective lead sheets or a working sales team Lightning Marketing can cater to your needs.


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Miami Internet Marketing

Lightning’s marketing service programs are proven effective through over 15 years of experience, and our SEO service plans allows you to become a force in whatever industry you are doing business in. Our miami internet marketing services are second to none. If your looking for a internet marketing company in Miami, or Fort Lauderdale then you have come to the right place.